Music by Halsey Performing 'Without Me' at the The Voice Finale. New York | 2018 © NBC The Voice | BLUX

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Halsey appeared on the finale episode of The Voice last night (Dec. 18) to perform her hit “Without Me” with her dance collaborator Jade Chynoweth. While the live audience was living for her performance, there were a significant number of individuals on Twitter who called her performance “inappropriate” for television.

Halsey took a moment on Twitter to talk about her performance, and to also call out her online detractors. “Very proud of the emotional performance i did with @JadeChynoweth on @NBCTheVoice tonight,” she wrote on Twitter. “And also very proud to have pissed off the homophobic viewers at home who missed the message. Thanks for watching.”

During the performance, which is not yet viewable online, Halsey presented a contemporary dance, with Chynoweth playing the role of her partner.